SCP Spray 

Antiseptic wound spray


Antiseptic wound spray to remove excessive moisture from open wounds, cuts and sores

Packshot: SCP Spray
Skin & Hair Skin & Hair Spray Spray

Application Areas

  • Care of injured skin (mud fever)
  • Wound care and healing
  • Relieves of itching and rubbing


Skin Powder Spray that can be applied over any skin lesion or abrasions. Antiseptic action that cleanses and  soothes the skin.  SCP spray eases itching and encourages healing.

Size and Packing

200 ml spray can

Analytical Ingredients


Zinc oxide, Calcium stearate, Oregano oil, Camomile oil, Arnica oil, Teatree oil, Marigold oil

Propellent Gas: Propane-Butane

How to apply

Clean the affected area carefully. Shake the bottle well until the powder sediment is thoroughly mixed by the steel ball inside of the container. Spray 2–3 times daily from a distance of 10 to 20 cm.


Store out of the reach of children. The container is under pressure. Protect from direct sunlight and temperatures above 50°C. Do not open the container,
even when empty, either by force or burning. Do not spray into flames or embers.

Product Video How-to-Apply

Why SCP Spray
  • Wound care and healing
  • Relieves of itching and rubbing