To support the regeneration of the gastric mucosa


Ulcosan addresses many of the causes of gastritis and therefore can be seen as a systematical and integral treatment.

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Application Areas

  • As prevention or in case of already existing gastritis and stomach ulcers

  • As follow-up administration after medical treatments

  • In times of weaning, pre-existing stomach diseases and high performances


The healing of gastritis and stomach ulcers is supported by the herbal components (grape seed, milk thistle, yucca schidigera, licorice root).

Pectins of carrot and apple pomace build up a gel layer to protect the stomach wall. Magnesium citrate and Tryptophan have a stress-reducing effect and address the reasons of stomach problems. 

Pre- and probiotic yeasts support the digestive processes and balance the bowel.

“derbymed ® Ulcosan has proven of excellent value in my clinic, both prophylactically, and for therapy of low grade gastrointestinal tract diseases. Ulcosan has also aided as an accompanying measure in severe cases of stomach ulcers. In particular because of the excellent palatability and the refined composition Ulcosan stands out from other products.”
(Dr. vet. Philipp Schürmann, Kitzingen, Germany)

Size and Packing

2,5 kg Bucket with measuring cup

Analytical Ingredients


Apple pomance, carrot flour, carob flour, banana flour, licorice root, linseed, milk thistle, yucca schidigera, spent grains, magnesium fumarate, dextrose, sugar beet molasses, grape seed flour, brewers’s yeast, artichoke leaves


Crude protein 9.3 %, crude fat 4.6 %, crude fibre 11.7%, crude ash 7.8 %, sodium 0.1 %, magnesium 0.6 %, by salt acid insoluble ash 3.2%

Additives per kg:
Diet-Physiological Additives: Choline chloride 3,000 mg, zinc as zinc oxid (E 6) 1,400 mg, L-tryptophane 2,000 mg
Technological additives: Lecithin 10,000 mg, kieselguhr 30,000 mg
Digestibility Enhancer: 150 x 10^9 CFU Saccharomyces cerevisiae (NCYC Sc47 / 4b1702)

Feeding Recommendations

Ulcosan is given with the feed.

Body weight Dosage Therapeutic Dosage Prophylactic
200 kg 3 x 20 g 2 x 20 g
400 kg 3 x 30 g 2 x 30 g
600 kg 3 x 50 g 2 x 50 g


Feeding period:

3 – 4 weeks

Product Video How-to-Apply

Why Ulcosan
  • Supports horses recovering from gastritis
  • Protects the stomach wall
  • Reduces stress
  • Support of the digestive processes