Protein concentrate used to stimulate muscle growth amd development


Myocrescat is a dietary macro-granulate that serves as an effective stimulant for muscle development. To achieve a high level of performance, horses need well constructed muscles. Depending on the horse, muscles share about 40% of the total body weight. It consists predominantly of proteins and is responsible for the horse's movements and thus for its performance.

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Application Areas


Young horses: Supports the muscle development of young horses which are prepared and trained for competitions.

Competition horses: Myocrescat supplies a high amount of amino acids to optimize the ration of concentrated feed and thereby assists the development of an optimal musculature.

Breeding horses: Myocrescat provides brood mares with high quality amino acids required for the fetal development.

Stallions: To fullfill the increased protein requirement of stallions that are used for sport and covering.

Older horses: Myocrescat prevents muscle reduction and covers the increased requirements of high quality amino acids.

Diets:  Helps to serve muscles with amino acids in case of diets or reduced feed intake.



In order to provide optimal nutrition to the musculature and to support muscle development, the horse needs amino acids as the basic components of proteins. L-carnitine is an additive which is of considerable significance for the maintenance of the muscle functions. It optimizes the energy supply of muscle cells and increases the maximum energy uptake capacity of trained horses. L-carnitine works against degenerative processes in muscles.

Myocrescat provides horses with 18 amino acids for the development of muscles and supports the formation of a durable high performance musculature.

TIPP: To boost muscle growth even more effectively, derbymed recommends a combination of Myocrescat and Orysanol E.


Size and Packing

Tub 1.300 g macro-granulate

Analytical Ingredients


Spirulina 45.0 %, alfalfa meal 25.0 %, linseed expeller 20.0 %, soy oil 3.0 %

Crude protein 40.0 %, crude fat 6.1 %, crude fibre 7.0 %, crude ash 5.0 %, sodium 0.5 %

Additives per kg:
Nutritional Additives:
L-Carnitine 20,000 mg, Vitamin E (all rac-α-Tocopheryl Acetate, 3a 700) 10,000 mg

Feeding Recommendations

Body weight Dosage Middle Work Dosage Hard Work
200 kg 15 g / day 25 g / day
400 kg 25 g / day 50 g / day
600 kg 40 g / day 80 g / day


It is recommended to use Myocrescat for a period of at least 4-5 weeks, depending on requirements (and in consultation with your veterinarian) Myocrescat may be used continuously or in intervals.

Myocrescat can be given with the feed.                                                

Product Video How-to-Apply

Why Myocrescat
  • Protein Concentrate to build up muscles
  • Improved performance and regeneration
  • Ideal in cases of reduced calorie intake and metabolic disorders