Imunogen Paste 

Feed supplement to strengthen the immune system


Ready-to-use paste to support passive immunisation in foals after birth, especially in cases of an insufficient intake or complete lack of colostrum. With Imunogen Paste, the foals are given standardized antibodies, specific to horses. The use of Imunogen Paste in older foals or adult horses leads to an active protection of the intestinal wall from pathogens.

Packshot: Imunogen Paste
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Application Areas

  • To strengthen the immune system and to improve the vitality, especially in cases of insufficient intake or total lack of colostrums, e.g. through loss or illness of the mare

  • Supports the immunogenic protection in stress situations, e.g. weaning of the foal or in case of stable changes


Support of the intestine

Natural egg-immunoglobulines are given to support the maintenance of health and strengthen the immune system.


Size and Packing

oral injectors à 30 ml

Analytical Ingredients

Sunflower Oil, Dextrose, Products of Egg (anhydrous) 27.0 %

Crude Protein 11.6 %, Crude Fat 50.9 %, Crude Ash 2.7 %, Crude Fibre 0.0 %, Sodium 0.2 %

Additives per kg:
Nutritional Additives:
Vitamin A (E 672) 200,000 I.U., Vitamin D3 (E 671) 20,000 I.U.,
Vitamin E (all rac-α-Tocopheryl Acetate, 3a 700) 1,950 mg

Feeding Recommendations

5 – 30 ml Imunogen Paste per animal / day. Foals receive 15 ml Imunogen Paste during the first 8 hours after birth, then 15 ml every 12 hours until the 72nd
hour (three injectors).

Feeding Advice:
Due to its heightened content of vitamin D3 in relation to sole animal feed, this supplementary feed should not exceed 1.0% of the daily ration.

Storage Advice:
Store cool (max. 20 °C), free of frost and out of light! No liability in case of improper handling or storage. Heat product to 15 – 20 °C before use.

Product Video How-to-Apply

Why Imunogen Paste
  • To strengthen the immune system
  • Health maintenance of bowel
  • Binds pathogens through standardized antibodies