Expertise from experience 

aniMedica GmbH (a business of LIVISTO Group) located in Munsterland, is one of the ten largest Manufacturers of animal drug and supplementary feed for pets, livestock and horses in Germany

Due to the particular health needs of our domesticated horses the LIVISTO Group decided to dedicate to these needs more specificaly and therefore introduced the new brand derbymed.

Since 2006 derbymed® has continued to develop and distribute a wide range of products that offer many solutions to fill the supply gaps of our horses. Thus our products support horses to develop to their full potential in times of increased physical load.

Our head office is located in Senden, Munsterland. From here our employees care about the service for our costumers.

From the beginning derbymed® has been focusing on maintaing close contact with veternarians. Due to this philosophy, derbymed has reached a strong position as a premium brand on the market with all its superior formulas developed within only a few years. Since 2007, the direct contact with veterinarians and customers is guaranteed through our distribution centres in Poland and Switzerland.


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